The War on Terror

The "war on terror" is summed up in these pictures. These resistant Palestinian children are committing despicable "terrorist" acts against these "peaceful" Israeli war machines. The Israeli answer has been a continuous military occupation of Palestine since 1967. Further, to "pre-empt" (prevent) such Palestinian terror attacks in the future, Palestinians are killed, injured, and arrested on daily basis. Their homes are destroyed, which keeps Palestinian children busy with survival. Palestinian lands are confiscated to build Israeli settlements on them. Palestinian shops, stores, and fields are systematically destroyed. And to make all that palatable to people in the West, generally, and the US in particular, pro-Israel media associate Palestinian resistance with terrorism. May God help the Palestinian people and other oppressed peoples anywhere. 





Who is the terrorist? Israeli soldiers pointing their guns into the chests of these two Palestinian brothers inside their own home in Hebron. Is there anybody in the West courageous enough to say Israelis are the terrorists of our time? (Alquds Alarabi, 11/11/02). 



Israelis inside the tank have the right to defend themselves against this Palestinian terrorist challenger? (Jordan Times, 11/13/02)



Now, let's see how the war on terrorism works.

The Electronic Intifada 

Another Palestinian "terrorist" attacking a "peaceful" Israeli tank!


A third Palestinian "terrorist" attacking another "peaceful" Israeli tank!!


Three Palestinian boys are involved in a "terrorist" against a shy tank that points its gun (in shyness) against them (Al-Anwar, 11/4/02).

Five Palestinian boys "terrorizing" an innocent Israeli tank! (, 10/15/02).

Here we go again, six Palestinian "terrorists" attacking a vulnerable and harmless Israeli bulldozer-castle, which was working on isolating the Asker refugee camp from the neighbouring West Bank city of Nablus (Jordan Times, 10/9/02).


Eight Palestinian "terrorists" attacking just one "peaceful" Israeli tank !!!!!!!!





Oh My God ! "Israel has the right to defend itself ... Israel has to retaliate," as crooked politicians and mercenary journalists advocate Israeli aggression.

And there you have it. This is how the Israeli war on Palestinian terrorism is being launched ... Keep killing, arresting, and injuring them. Keep demolishing their homes and uprooting their trees. Keep them under curfews. Close their schools and businesses. Insult them and harass them at military checkpoints. Who knows, one of them may be provoked to sacrifice himself with a suicide bomb. Then, the war on terror is justified. 




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